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Wave goodbye to standard old kennel and catteries with pet sitting service

The above ad lines caught my attention a couple of days back, and I couldn’t erase it from my thoughts since then. This post is not to start a fight between Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting. What struck me- is this how most dog owners see the pet boarding? That it’s a place to keep my dog while I am at work or traveling ? 

I want to discuss it here specifically. We really need to evaluate and educate ourselves on our dogs’ needs and requirements. 

Dogs are pack animals. Not social animals.. But we humans are. And when we have a Furry family member with us, we expect them to behave ‘ socially appropriate’. Expect them- they will be fine when we go to a café or restaurant or on a walk. They will be totally fine when our guests come to visit us. They will be totally fine seeing Unknown dogs and people anywhere. 

If I have a dog – who regularly has her morning and evening walks and I have a pet sitter who comes as per my need- I should expect

1. My dog may have a confidence issue.

2. My dog may not be comfortable facing ‎Unknown dogs/people on her walk or when I take her to a café or restaurant.

3. She may have separation anxiety.

4. My dog may be extremely friendly, but can get bitten by another dog just because her social skill of respecting other dog’s boundaries is not developed. 

Doggy school – as we like to phrase a dog boarding/doggy daycare/dog kennel/pet boarding– it’s not only my requirement, but my dog’s requirement as well. Let us give an interesting life to my dog.


When a dog goes to school – 

1. He gains the confidence to stay away from his pack – his family

2. He learns to deal with separation anxiety ( so do you 😀) 

3. If his school has a pool- swimming is excellent for joints, muscles and boosting confidence. Especially for senior dogs.

4. In school, he faces new dogs, he plays under supervision, sharing toys, he learns to share water, bowls etc.

5. Socialization teaches him to respect boundaries of other dogs.. older dogs teach the young pups skills which we can never teach. 

When we humans are living an active social life, keeping our dogs only at home and taking them out just for two daily walks is not good . Home environment can never stimulate a dog mentally and physically the way it gets stimulated in their school. Even  if they have a doggy companion at home , it’s still their comfort zone. Like us , they also need challenges and variations in life. 


Pet Sitting has its own place –

1. Cats are more comfortable at home in their own environment.

2. Puppies with unfinished vaccinations.

3. Dogs With compromised immunity.

4. Reactive dogs.

5. Dogs with physical challenges.

We had a senior dog Coco. Her parents brought her in an extreme emergency situation. She Was 14+ years old , 90% blind , 90% deaf, had cancer and severe arthritis. The parents said- she hardly gets up from her bed at home. Parents and us, we both parties were mentally ready for any eventuality. We catered a special routine for Coco. Her sleep , feeding, active time everything was customized. 

You know what- Coco gained weight during her three weeks long stay. She started moving more , she started going to other dogs to sniff their butt. Coco’s life became interesting to her. It seemed like she found a new purpose to get up every day from her bed. The parents became so emotional when they picked her up. Coco started coming to school two times every week. 

I can go on telling stories like this. 

Romis Home Pet Nursery, the best dog boarding, dog daycare service provider in Dubai,  is delighted to announce that we will launch our own Pet Sitting service soon. So the purpose of this writing is not at all going after any business.. but just to make a picture clear- the place for Doggy school and Pet Sitting are totally different. None of them can be replaced by the other.


The reason we are thinking of getting into new venture of Pet Sitting as an additional service from Romis Home Pet Nursery – 

1. We don’t have catteries. Many of our dog owners have cats also. They have been asking for this long time now.

2. Some of our dogs have been coming to us for 7/8 years. Some of them are really senior now and when the family travels we want to give them a balanced homestay and school days. 

Anyways, these are all in a very rough planning state. I will come back here with more information once I have a clearer picture.

Please, Dear Folks – understand what our dogs need. Let’s make sure of their regular mental and physical stimulation and socialization. 

Give them an interesting life they deserve ♥️

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