Training is an essential part of a dog's overall growing-up as without a well-planned need-based training a dog might have challenge to interact with Human or other Dogs the way we want them too. Quite similar to human kids learning basics at home and then going to school/college to interact and behave the way we want them too. Contrary to popular belief that a small dog does not require training as compared to a big one as the later appears to be more intimidating( so to say) , to train a small dog requires more patient and tenacity than a big one.

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Located in DIP2 ( closer to Gulf news) , We boast of a 8000+ sqft fully Air-conditioned indoor facility and around 1500 Sqft of Outdoor playground

Three rooms each of

800 Sqft size for Small , Medium & Big dogs

Individual feeding

station in each room

A Huge Indoor

play area of around 3500 Sqft


Kennels 6 nos

Family room

to accommodate max 3 dogs from same family


grooming facility

Treadmill & area

for Crate training & periodic weight checking

A secure pick-up/Drop-off

area to ensure safe intake of your pup inside the facility


We have an extremely robust internal process of health & Safety to ensure your pups complete wellbeing while staying with our facility.

Every first time Day care Dog goes through a thorough assessment process along with all mandatory vaccination checks to check compatibility with the group in order to ensure overall safety of your pup as well as the current Boarder/Daycare Dog.

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Secured Pick-up Drop-off
Free Assessment Registration
Routine whole body Check-up
On Call Emergency Vet
Periodic Safety Training
Feeding Chart Weight Temp
Customer feedback Continuous impovement


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Service Detail

Romishome is happy to be associated "Buddha" who is a highly accomplished dog trainer in UAE with 12 yrs of rich experience where he has trained many dogs some of which were even left as "hopeless" by others. Buddha's assessment of the Dog and specific need for Training recommendation without causing a big hole into owners’ wallet is unparallel. The other critical point that Buddha takes care is giving sustainability as more often than not the effect dies down fast and the owner starts perceiving going through the same training cycle again.

He also conducts Parent's / Dog group session time to time where he would impart basis obedience training for Dogs to the Parents.

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