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Dive In and Paddle On: Explore the Joy of Affordable Dog Swimming Training Here!

 In Romis Home Pets Nursery , the best pet nursery house in Dubai, we have a swimming assisted uncle that takes beginners swimmers on their journey to become pro, life jackets for our smaller pups who still love the pool. And for the pro’s we join in with them.

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Here are answers to your questions

After long boarding normally this doesn’t happen. All dogs have access to fresh clean water 24/7.
But the new dogs- after daycare or 1-2 nights boarding, drink lots of water after going home. Because of the new place, stress & separation anxiety, they don't want to share the water bowl. Though they have water available all the time. But once they settle down - this issue gets resolved. They start sharing water with their friends. We use only filtered water for our dogs.
Yes - dogs will sleep long hours after going home. For 2-3 days we always advise-
  • No change of food or no treat - this may cause diarrhea.
  • Less food - this helps them to settle down faster & better.
  • ⁠Only small walks. Long walks are normally not required.
After 2-3 days they all go back to their normal attitude.
Our supervisors have been working for us for 7+ years. They know each of our dogs. Our handlers have been working with us since a long time ( 2-3 years minimum), they are extremely experienced and more importantly they know each of the dogs. So any kind of argument / disagreement among dogs gets stopped before it even starts.
But still in the animal world- there can always be a moment even the best behaved dog may snap. But we are always here to make sure nothing serious must not happen. And we never mix up different sizes - so that no serious injuries can take place.

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