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    The following things can occur while boarding your Dog at the Nursery

    • 1. As the food intake may vary at nursery due to higher or lower intake compared to home, the remaining Qty left in the foodbag at the checkout may be more or less than what would have been otherwise
    • 2. Unspayed female dog may get pregnant at the Nursery despite all safety measure being taken
    • 3. Despite all vaccination a dog can still get infection during his/her stay over here and the symptom can develop well after 3/4 days after check out . We are not liable for any Vet expenses towards this It is highly recommended that Owner does an antibody test for Dogs below 2 yrs for DHPPL & Rabies before the boarding/ daycare as resistance to these viruses may vary from Dog to Dog
    • 4. During the stay if any abnormalities observed in the dog (e.g vomitting,ceasure,limping,licking,fever and anything not listed here) or/and there is an Injury to the Dog while he/she is Playing/Running/jumping/Swimming/Getting groomed,the owner will be informed at earliest possible time. It is deemed that owner has given consent to Romishome to take to a Vet either's of Owners choice if he/she is reachable or a Vet choosen by Romishome as early as possible & the Owner bears all the expenses in either cases
    • 5. Vet cost due to injury while the dog is playing/jumping with other dogs is to be borne by owner.
    • 6. All Vet Costs as listed above needs to be paid while checking out including all due boarding/Grooming/anyother service fees incurred during the Dog's stay at Romishome
    • 7. Due to heightened activity at the nursery the dog may loose weight despite schedule intake of food
    • 8. During the transportation by Car/Van there could be possibility of any road accident
    • 9. If a dog is handed over to a 3rd person other than owner or left in his/her house at owners request it is deemed that the owner has given consent to Romishome to sign off on the checkout form at his/her behest.
    • 10. You may observe a change in the dogs behaviour for first time with us or if the dog is not regular with us
    • 11. Video footage during dog stay can be showed only against a special request and at the discretion of the nursery

    Other General information for the Owner

    • 1. Everday we post fresh videos in instagram and FB . You can watch how your pup is doing /interacting with others
    • 2. We advise that no change in food or giving him/her extra treats as this may upset the tummy. Better to go slow on food for him/her to settle better and faster

    Declaration by the Owner

    • I have read and understood all the above and I fully indemnify Romishome pets nursery from any type of claim occurring due to any injury/infection/accident leading to any temporary/permanent damage of any parts of the body of my dog and including his/her loss of life.
    Signature of the Customer at Registration*

    * By typing his/her full name in the above box customer is giving his/her acceptence

    Official Use Only

    Precuationary safety mesures from Romishome

    • Fire safety
    • The whole facility is Civil defense approved including direct connectivity to the Dubai civil defense authority for quick response in the event of any fire
    • There is mandatory fire hose connected to the site main water tank to take immediate measure in the event of any fire break out.
    • In addition there are adequate number of Fire extinguishers all around inside the facility which are refilled every 6 months as per civil defense mandate
    • We also have an inhouse fire Warden who trains all the folks time to time on fire hazards and how to respond to such emergencies
    • Sharp Objects
    • Folks are instructed to look for any sharp object which may cause injury to Dog while playing. Any such issues are reported and there is inhouse carpenter to fix them.
    • There is mgmt meeting every Tuesday to address any outstanding issues in this regard for speedy mitigation
    • Safety of dogs while resting, playing or swimming
    • Every Dog that comes to Romishome is under 24x7 supervision in a group while playing indoor , outdoor, swimming or resting in daytime or overnight .
    • In the event of any potential fight between them the handler jumps into swift action and separate them out immediately .
    • There is one person dedicated at the swimming pool and all small and medium dogs wear swimming vest as mandatory
    • Pick-up Drop off
    • We have four experienced driver for pick up/drop off of the Dog from various places across Dubai
    • The vans are equipped with additional A/C at the back to ensure cooler temp inside during hot Summer
    • Each Dog is properly secured in a crate to avoid any minor accident while the Van is on the move
    • The Drivers are strictly instructed to drive within speed limit as overspeed fines are deducted from the salary
    • At the Facility we have separate secured pick-up/drop-off Bay to ensure safety and stop any run-away situation
    • Dog getting Sick during stay
    • Parents are instantly informed as soon as any such symptoms are observed and remedial measures taken in consultation with the parents

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