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The Lifesaving Impact of a Simple Immunity Blood Test for Your Dog

An extra simple step – which can make a huge difference while you are traveling and your furry family member will be having his staycation in the Dog Boarding/ Dog kennel / Doggy Daycare. 

It was around 2021 Summer- suddenly Dubai dog parents started having a nightmare. News started spreading on social media that there is a nasty Parvo outbreak in Dubai dog community. 

What is This Parvo? Why are Dog Parents so afraid of Parvo? 

We all dog parents know – “ Parvo “ is a word we never want to hear. It’s a nasty infection which has an extremely high mortality rate. In this infection the inner lining of the digestive system gets destroyed

The Symptoms are – 

  • extreme lethargy
  • vomiting 
  • diarrhea with blood 
  • The dog stops eating 
  • Extreme dehydration 

We all started getting news that not only pups but even fully vaccinated adult dogs were getting infected. 

Naturally people started panicking. We went to multiple vets to check- what’s actually happening around and how we can ensure the safety of all our dogs. 

The solution came out was – the immunity test. It’s a simple blood test. Which shows the immunity in a dog against Parvo , Distemper and Hepatitis. 

When we dug deeper into the matter we found out – Parvo virus can stay alive on a dog’s fur for more than 2 weeks without affecting the dog if the dog’s immunity is good. And can easily infect another dog who came in touch with this guy if that dog doesn’t have a healthy immunity. 

We started communicating with all our parents that all our dogs- who were coming for doggy daycare or dog boarding– must have a vacci-check ( means the immunity check). We made it compulsory for all our dogs that they needed to have the vacci-check report with them along with their yearly vaccinations. 

To make things more clear here – 

  • A dog first gets two sets of puppy vaccines 
  • Then they receive their final adult vaccine of DHPpl and Rabies. 
  • By 4 to 5 months of age they should complete all the stages of vaccinations. Then as per Dubai Municipality law every year they need to repeat these vaccinations. 

Until this parvo outbreak started we all were pretty happy with our dog’s yearly vaccinations. Never had any issues. But once we started doing the immunity test – with great astonishment, we found for some reason almost 30% of dogs were coming out with insufficient immunity. Which was really concerning.

What is the solution if a dog has insufficient immunity? 

So the dogs whose immunity was low – they had to go through a booster shot of DHPpl and after 21 days of the booster- another vacci/ check to see if the immunity came up to sufficient level. 

And each time we found- after a booster shot , all the dog’s immunity came strong. 

This is the background why we still are keeping up the extra security wall of the Vacci-check. All dogs first come to us – they need to go through this simple blood test at any vet. 

Ensuring Your Dog’s Immunity Against Common Infections

Misconceptions About Dog Safety

Many believe that if their dog doesn’t attend doggy daycare, boarding, or parks, they are safe from infections like Parvo, Distemper, and Hepatitis. This is not true.

Everyday Exposure to Viruses

Even on regular walks, dogs can be exposed to these viruses. They can be carried on our shoes, bags, clothes, or hands, making complete isolation impossible.

Importance of Immunity

To protect our dogs, ensuring they have sufficient immunity to deal with these viruses is crucial. Vaccinations and regular health checks are key to maintaining their immune defenses.

Essential Immunity Checks for Boarding Your Dog Safely

A Sincere Request to Dog Parents

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely done a thorough background check on the dog boarding or dog kennel for your pup. However, for added safety, we strongly recommend an additional step.

Importance of Immunity Testing

Contact your vet to perform an immunity test called Vacci-check, which checks for immunity against Parvo, Distemper, and Hepatitis.

Steps to Take if Immunity is Insufficient

Consult Your Vet: If the test results show insufficient immunity, your vet will advise a booster shot.

Choose a Different Vaccine Brand: Request your vet to use a different brand for the booster shot than the one used for your dog’s yearly vaccinations. This has proven effective in boosting immunity.

Follow-Up After Booster Shot

After administering the booster shot, wait at least 3 weeks and then conduct another Vacci-check to measure the immunity levels. This ensures your dog is fully protected.

Now your dog is fully ready for the summer camp 🏕️ and you are ready for an awesome vacation. 

Not only Romis Home Pets Nursery, the best pet nursery in Dubai,  there are many other dog boarding/ dog kennels in Dubai who have also still kept it mandatory – having this test result as their requirement along with the yearly vaccinations

This simple procedure has helped us having smooth infection-free doggy daycare in Dubai and dog boarding facility even when there were   Parvo or Distemper outbreaks in Dubai and around. With all our parents’ cooperation, we never had to go through the nightmare of any of our dogs having these nasty infections and losing him/ her in the process. 

So please everyone- lets take this extra tiny effort and lets make our dog community super safe for all our dogs.

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