Story of Rocco

Story of Rocco – story of love & responsibility, totally worth sharing.

Roco, our boy is now happily back with his family in Ireland. Back to his mom and dad and lovely human siblings.

His family supported him for the last two years staying with us, and when the suitable time arrived, they brought him back to themselves.

We thought of sharing this lovely story of Rocco and his family with everyone so that we all again remember- if there is a will there is always a way.

Rocco started coming to us when he was a puppy. He’s a lovely GSD boy. His family loves him to bits. He used to come for daycare and whenever boarding required.

Then the COVID came.

Covid turned all of us upside down in different ways. Rocco‘s family had to return to their home country. Rocco stayed back with us. At that time They didn’t have a proper set up back home to take him with them.

Rocco’s dad paid his boarding fees for last two years every month without any excuses .
He paid for his food
He paid for his vaccinations
Luckily, Rocco, a strong boy never fell sick , not for a single time .

In between we checked with the dad, if he wants us to find a family for Rocco here. He said.- “ No Romi . Rocco is my family. My son is waiting for him. He will come back to us I’m sure.”

Then the time arrived. They are now living in a big house with a big garden and a backyard . Forest is nearby. They have a new baby member now – Rocco‘s youngest human sibling. They got Rocco back. He has settled so well.

He is missing us surely , he stayed with us two long years, but he’s the happiest boy in the world now.

We were so emotional when we received the best picture – Rocco with his dad, mom and brothers.

Rocco‘s family set such an example for all of us, and in the process he gave his offsprings such an excellent upbringing. He taught his sons not to give up on anyone whatever it takes. .

Bless them all . Bless you Rocco

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