Lets be accountable and stay responsible- Part 1

I told Lyudmila – you are the happiest person in the world, my friend. But I can see that you can never be rich with money, and we had a good laugh over it.
Ludmila is coming to us for more than 4 years.

She is the mom of two gentlemen – Choco, the brown lab and sharo – the Saluki. Then Freddy, a local Mix Breed, a gentle, little confused, shy boy came into her life.

Freddie was in a really bad state when she found him, freddie was even advised to be put down because of his terrible health condition. But Ludmila didn’t give up.

And here is Freddy with her now the third furry member of her beautiful family.


Here comes the latest news. There is another boy Belo – a Golden Retriever under her wings now.

Ludmila is fostering him, but it’s absolute/almost writing on the wall – this boy probably will not go anywhere. He was surrendered with various health issues including idiomatic epilepsy – was neglected big time by previous owners. Probably / almost certain was not walked or exercised.

He is massively overweight. His bones are deformed. He can’t see properly, can’t make sound, and can’t walk more than 3-4 minutes in one stretch.
So yes – our Lyudmila is a star with a golden heart. It’s a handful of responsibilities to handle, but is she complaining? No. Is she asking for help from anyone? No. She is very much aware of what she was getting into and she is taking full responsibility.
This is how we all should be accountable for our emotions and decisions.
I am in the Dubai dog world for more than eight years now, worked very closely with different rescue organizations.

Saw hundreds of people and families- adopting/buying dogs. And saw hundreds of different ways the rescuers/adopters/individuals and families as a whole – react in different situations.

So if I am fostering a dog – I should be mentally prepared that there will be vet bills, and it will take probably months- if not years for successful adoption.

And if my capacity is taking care of one dog- I should take responsibility for one dog and stick to him/ her as long as it takes to find a suitable family.

If my capacity is two dogs, I will restrict myself to two dogs.

But I shouldn’t be a person who goes beyond my capacity/capability, and then becomes angry towards everyone out there-why they’re not helping me, and then becomes a bitter person inside. This way, I am not even mentally capable of taking care of my foster.

The dogs are not comfortable or relaxed or can’t trust the emotionally not balanced person.
Rescuing, fostering, rehoming-it is such a tough job, it takes so much of dedication and networking.

So many wonderful rescuers are in Dubai whose life revolves around this only.-selflessly. Standing applause to them. Bless.
Around the topic of fostering -one common thing I noticed pretty often. If I have one or multiple animals as my own, and I am going to foster another animal, it’s my responsibility to make sure that my foster is hundred per cent safe and healthy to mix up with my house animals.
If I decide to foster a dog – I will first take the dog to the vet to check his/her general health, ticks, and fleas situation, if any skin issues like ringworm, etc.
And I will do ( it’s a must) a blood test to check if the dog is carrying any infectious disease and I will check the immunity in the blood against Parville, distemper and hepatitis.

Even if the dog is fully vaccinated- many times they can have compromised immunity. This may turn dangerous for my house animals.

So if I decide to foster a dog, I will take accountability to make it safe for my home animals.

If I don’t check and later the foster dog shows symptoms of some worrying infections- I must not blame the Rescue Organization or the shelter.

They already have enough on their shoulder. I am accountable for the health and well-being of my animals, and they should always be my priority.
I try to explain this to all our customers who actively foster dogs to help different rescue organizations. And I confidently can say – if we try to spread awareness with logic, it works.

I never had to repeat these cautions 2nd times to our customers who have a lovely heart to help in fostering.
When our customers come to drop off or pick up the dogs -I meet them, and we talk. I see the kids, I see the young adults they are so bright.

So much they want to offer to this world. It makes us hopeful for a beautiful future.

We, adults- need to be responsible in guiding them, and educating them rightly, and we need to be accountable for the decisions we encourage them to take in fostering, or adopting a dog and stick to him/her till the last day.
We will be having a beautiful world full of love, compassion, and balanced emotion.

Anyways, guys, I need to stop now. It’s already a long post. Probably your patience is already challenged.

I have so much to tell, and so many experiences to share – it’s a struggle to stop. I will come back here soon.

Love Romi

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