I bought a bed for my dog ?…

I bought a bed for my dog ?….

ok – so what? What’s special about that ?
Nothing!!!! But my dog taught me a lesson after that ?
Want to share that with u all ???guys.

Went to the Pet shop in DIP on Saturday and for a change did an impulsive buying and ended up bringing back a huge expensive looking dog bed , which cleared almost half of my pocket money of the month from my purse ?????

I entered house with a big smile on my face and an excited mind expecting Chloe to jump on the bed , giving me some lovely kisses ?

But Huh ?…. once I unpacked, she gave a very suspicious look to it. Then very cautiously went to sniff and returned back yo her spot and settled herself in her usual crocodile ? type position ( u know what I mean ?)
I was so disappointed ( I guess more on myself than her ) …. I called her – ‘ hey Chloe ! Its for you ♥️♥️. Come on baby ‘
Chloe being a very loving sweet dog , always wants to make us all happy – came to the bed. Got on it. Sat down .
I thought- huh great ?. She looks gorgeous ?

30 seconds!!!!! Chloe is up and back to her spot in her crocodile ? position.

I mean ???????

The bed is sadly sleeping alone.
And Chloe nicely beside me , happily, peacefully snoring ?

U know what – no complain. It’s stupid of me honestly. In this materialistic world its a lesson she taught me again.
EXPENSIVE, LUXURY, STATUS – these words are absolutely valueless to them . They dont judge us if I am a CEO orva swiper …. doesn’t mean anything to these four legged guys.
We satisfy our ego & our need by buying expensive things for them . Our issue, our problem.

How much time we r spending with them

How much activity they r getting

Mental stimulation, exposure to the world

A dog is more happy with his homeless owner traveling with him on the road , than the dog staying somewhere with some ‘ luxury’ arrangement and a plasma TV on and no one around to have a company ?

Let the ‘ materialistic world’ destroy us but when we r dealing with our these very very very very special and important members of our family- lets our mind not get clouded with the words like ‘Luxury ‘ , ‘ Expensive’ , ‘ Boutique’

Lets understand their mental and physical need , their real requirements, what actually makes them happy
Dogs can be happy with us and a stick picked up from the road to run behind it to fetch

And cheers to that ?

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