How To Prepare Your Dog for Summer Vacation to Stay in a Dog-Boarding While You Will Be Traveling

We are entering the month of June soon and the busiest time for any doggy daycare/ dog boarding / dog kennel is mid June to September first week.

Let’s discuss how to make sure that your dog will have a beautiful, safe and happy stress free stay in his summer camp in Romis Home Pets Nursery, the best dog boarding service in Dubai,  while you are traveling.

Step – 1 

The vaccinations and vacci/check. 


Yearly vaccinations of RABIES, DHPpl, and KENNEL-COUGH must be valid throughout the stay. 


This is the immunity test for your dog against PARVO, DISTEMPER, and HEPATITIS. Any vet does this test. It’s a tiny blood test – the result comes out in a couple of hours and it’s valid for 2 years. 

Why do we advise you to go for this test ? 

Like any living being, a dog can have normal diarrhea, or runny nose or skin rashes or stomach acidity. These are nothing to be worried about. But once your dog’s immunity test comes strong- you are  assured that your dog is fully safe from any dangerous infections. If the result comes with poor immunity- the dog will need a booster ASAP. And preferably the booster shot should be given from a different brand than the dog’s already given vaccination brand.

Step- 2 

Start bringing the dog for doggy daycare and dog boarding following a regular routine to the same place where the dog will be spending his vacation. 

If you suddenly send your dog to a new place – it’s extremely stressful. 

  • Because of stress their immunity goes down, 
  • They can have stress related diarrhea/ vomiting/ stomach acid. 
  • They can skip meals , lose weight. 
  • Some of them can become extremely snappy and get involved in fights. 

When they start coming to the dog-boarding place for daycare or night stay following a routine before their final staycation starts – 

  • They gradually get used to the place , the dogs, the handlers , the routine. 
  • Most importantly they start trusting the people there  and develop the confidence that they come here , stay, play then they go hack home to their family. This is the game changer. 
  • Once they are settled and have trust and confidence- then everything runs smooth . 
  • They come , play, eat , rest , sleep and go back home happily. You are happy, the dog is happy and chilling and we , Romis Home Pets Nursery, the best dog boarding service provider in Dubai is happy to see both parties relaxed.

Step – 3 

Check the Dog kennel/ Pet boarding’s emergency handling capabilities. 

Check – 

  • How many vets they have on board 
  • If they have vet help 24/7 or not. 
  • Share your vet’s details with management to avoid all confusions while you are traveling

Normally in our last 8+ years of experience in dog boarding service– once dogs are settled and start trusting us and have the confidence that they will be back to their family- we hardly ever had any issues with any of our dogs. 

So let’s follow these simple steps, let’s plan ahead of time and have a wonderful summer.

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