How To Choose the Right Pet Nursery for Your Lovely Pet

Hello, lovely dog-parents.

Here is something which may interest you.

The reasons for this writeup are mainly two.

  1. Why should you trust us for your furry-kids? How do we manage their safety, happiness and health?
  2. What they should look for when they are choosing a dog-kennel/ dog daycare/ dog boarding/ dog grooming.

We know our dog parents are always helping us by recommending our names. But you may have a friend in a different location , for whom Romis Home Pet Nursery is not easily accessible. Then?

What should they look for while choosing doggy care?
Or you may relocate in a different country-
How will you know which Pet Nursery will be the right one for your pet?

Let’s Discuss here what are the must check points while we are deciding on choosing a dog daycare/ dog boarding facility for our furry family members.

Apart from being budget suitable for us and the suitable location- these are the following factors we must check for the safety and security of our dogs.

  1. Vaccination Registration:
    The dog kennel/dog boarding/ doggy daycare facility has all the registered dogs vaccination records with them or not.

( At Romis Home Pet Nursery, the best dog boarding nursery in Dubai, all our dogs for daycare and boarding- We have their yearly vaccination records and all our dogs are vaccinated /checked as well which is a immunity test )

  1. Efficiency test for the management:
    How many years of experience they have in running a dog care facility – because some lessons the dogs teach us , which no school/ collage / training center will be able to teach.
    If it’s a new pet facility, the management running the facility must have prior experience handling similar business for multiple years.

( At Romis Home Pet Nursery , we have learned from every mistake and improvised ourselves, educated ourselves. with everyone’s blessing Romis Home Pet Nursery is running 8+ years )

  1. Credibility:
    Checking the credibility of the dog handlers, who will be managing your dog directly-

A. How many years of experience they have in this field

B. How long do most of them work for the same facility?
If the faces change too often, that may indicate a red flag. Bcos it takes months/ years to build up a relationship with dogs. The handlers remember the specific instructions or traits of dogs when they regularly handle them. Continuously changing faces can create problems in different levels.

( At Romis Home Pet Nursery – we have new team members off course. But we can proudly say most of our team members including our driver uncles are with us for 3+ years. Some of them even 5+ years with us )

4.Cleanliness and hygiene test of the facility ;

A. Cleanliness Checking
Try to turn up to the facility at different times within their working hours and check how the facility smells , looks and feels.

B. What products do they use for cleaning?
If the products are pet friendly or not.
( At Romis Home Pet Nursery we only use veterinary-certified F10 products for cleaning and fogging both indoor and outdoor areas twice every day )

C. How to handle an emergency situation?
If the management is knowledgeable enough to handle any situation like a parvo/ distemper outbreak happens. If they know the specific cleaning/ sterilization process to stop the disease spreading to other dogs.
( Romis Home Pet Nursery team & management take training from reputable vets in Dubai every year in recognizing different symptoms of different diseases and sickness and the process to handle any situations until vet’s intervention)

D. What water is used as dog’s drinking water?
( Romis Home Pet Nursery only uses filtered water. Human & dogs both can safely consume)

E. How are the grooming services conducted?
Please check if the grooming tools get sterilized after every use. And what kind of products were used for grooming. How many years of experience the groomers have in this field.
( At Romis Home Pet Nursery our tools get sterilized in sterilization machine after every grooming)

  1. Hazard management of the facility-
    A. The flooring
    Check the indoor and outdoor flooring. Especially their play area. If the floor is too slippery or too rough on the paws , both can cause serious damages and accidents. This is a very serious checkpoint, which normally gets ignored.
    ( At Romis Home Pet Nursery our outdoor playground is artificial grass field,
    Indoor play park floor is made with special treatment to make it mat finished/ non-slip. Not rough on the paws and easy to maintain hygiene 24/7 ).

B. If there are stairs
It must be checked how well the stairs are planned and protected from potential accidents
( As of now at Romis Home Pet Nursery we don’t have stairs or high pedestal which can cause height related accidents)

C. What is the height of the outdoor play area boundary?
This is a crucial point to be checked. Many dogs are high jumpers and escape artists. You can end up losing your dog for good if the whole facility is not protected rightly.
( At Romis Home Pet Nursery, the outdoor area wall is 2.4 m tall. Every entrance is protected by minimum 2 gates )

D. If the facility has pick & drop service?
The dog loading & offloading area must be fenced.
If for some reason a dog slips away – he will be protected by the fence.
( In Romis Home Pet Nursery the dogs get in and out of their van within a fenced secured area )

E. Presence of Vet
The dog facility must have one or more vets on board as a support system to handle any kind of medical emergency.
( Romis Home Pet Nursery has 3 major reputable vets on board)

Last but not the least- It may sound controversial- but trust your guts to feel the happy positive vibes of the team working for the facility. Dogs are really intelligent and sensitive animals. The team working around them – if stressed, that energy may affect your dog.

This matter is very important at Romis Home Pet Nursery. Our treasure is our happy smiling team. We are extremely proud of our boys.

Whoever is reading this , if you have any questions/ queries / suggestions- plz come forward. Your feedback is most important to us.

There are many lovely Pet Nursery in Dubai who have been responsible for taking care of dogs for years.
Then there are places which got opened because someone thought it’s a ‘ good business’. Having dogs , loving dogs are totally different than running a dog kennel. Let’s choose the right place for our dogs intelligently and wisely .

Romis Home Pet Nursery in Dubai, has been striving in this industry since last 8 years successfully with your love and full support. We try to make your pet feel at home, while away from home. We don’t let them feel alone anytime. All these have made us the best dog boarding in Dubai.

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