How a doggy daycare helps us to achieve our goal

1. Early Daycare: Building Social Skills and Boundaries for Your Pup:

When a pup starts going to daycare from a young age, the pack there, specifically the adult dogs, teach the pub how to respect other dogs’ boundaries. 

I have heard so many times that my dog is very friendly, But sadly ‘ friendly’ doesn’t mean that Dog has matured social skills. A friendly dog with poor social skills is highly prone to get bitten by another dog if he doesn’t know how to respect other dogs’ boundaries. 

2. The dog who is shy and has issues with confidence:

When he/she comes to daycare – he/she is pushed to challenge his comfort zone by staying away from his owner and by facing new dogs in school. With regular exposure he/she gradually gets the confidence that ‎Unknown dogs do not always mean a threat. Proper dog training helps them to behave properly on their walk when they see unknown dogs coming towards them. They learn how to face or approach a new dog. 

3. Managing Dog Separation Anxiety:

  Staying away from the family helps the dog to address his separation anxiety. The routine of going to dog school and then coming back to his family gives them the confidence that walking away from his owner or family ( whom  he considers as his pack) is not a threat. 

4. High energy dogs:

In daycare the mental and physical stimulation he gets, that not only relaxes his mind and body, above that all kinds of training only works on relaxed dogs. When the mind and body is pumped up with energy, even the best trained dog can misbehave. 

5. For older, senior dogs:  

I have so many experiences with senior dogs that they get a perspective in life when we add the school day in their weekly routine. My own dog is 10+ years old. She comes to school every other day. She socializes the whole day, she swims, then gets tired and comes back home in the evening. Dogs live  longer when their life feels more interesting to them

Apart from the very tiny percentage of dogs- who are extremely reactive towards other dogs, we never had any pup who didn’t open up gradually and didn’t start enjoying their day in school. Regular exposure in school even improves their body immunity level as well.

When you see your dog super stressed while leaving him alone at home, most of the time we consider that as love, but in real life, that’s the lack of confidence and separation anxiety in them . This is neither physically or mentally healthy.

Lets  respect our dogs as “Dogs”. Let’s understand their needs, requirements and genetic dominance. Let us try to  give them the interesting life they deserve.

A very small percentage of dogs are born with immunity issues. No vaccination works properly on them. 

These dogs should not be exposed in a dog boarding/ daycare or dog park atmosphere. 

To make sure of the health of any dog we highly recommend the vacci-check. Which is the immunity test for a dog against parvo/distemper/ hepatitis. With vacci- check done and vaccinations done at the right time …. Your dog can happily enjoy life around his friends in his school or dog park or the daily walk with his family.At Romis Home Pets Nursery , the best doggy daycare in Dubai,  we offer best daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and many more services for your pet at most reasonable rates. Our skillful and dedicated staff are always available to look after your paw-friend and take great care of them. Contact us today.

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