Handling Emergencies: Mozzie’s Experience at Our Dog Boarding Facility

Mozzie is a lovely poodle boy we have. He and his sister come pretty often to our doggy daycare and live with us in our dog boarding. 

That particular morning everything was usual. Except Mozzie  decided to jump from our tiny group uncle Nigel’s lap and landed on the floor wrongly on his front left paw. 

All his friends were going out for the morning playtime. Nigel took Mozzie  on his lap. And excited Mozzie  jumped.

He started limping immediately holding his left paw up. 

We immediately informed his mom . She became very worried but we told her not to worry as we were taking Mozzie  for x-ray and depending on the result , we together would decide the future action. 

X-Ray showed a broken bone. Mozzie’s  mom was with us at the vet . And after detailed discussion and some good homework she decided to take Mozzie to another surgeon.

We took Mozzie  to that particular vet . The operation was done by that evening. Operation went very well. The vet updated us during the night on how Mozzie  was doing.

Next day we picked up Mozzie  from the vet. He was very fine. He actually was trying to walk normally.. But Mozzie  was advised to take rest for 3 weeks. So he had to be in his crate most of the time except his pee / poo break which is 5 minutes each time outside his crate. 

The vet said after 3 weeks’ rest – Mazzie’s leg will heal in such a way that he will be as good as if it never happened.

The reasons I wanted to share this story- 

1. Unpredictable Accidents

Unfortunately accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It can happen with us at dog boarding/ doggy daycare, can happen when the dogs are at home with nanny or parents or with petsitter . Even after utmost caution- natural rule – unpredictable things will happen.

2. Mom’s Support

Big applause to Mozzie’s  mom. She was with us from the very beginning co-operating at every step, discussing everything very logically. She was very worried, sad and even crying. But when I was talking to her – she said “ Romi I know things happen. Even so many times they jump from my lap. No point in thinking why or how. But right now the most important thing is we need to take care of our Mozzie”. 

3. Both Vets – 

A. Dreamers Veterinary Clinic– where we did the Xray and preliminary check 

B. Vet Fur Pets – when Dr Nikolay did the surgery. 

Both were extremely transparent and professional in explaining us all the steps and very assuring.

4. This story is an example of –

 When the three parties- 

We, the dog boarding/ doggy daycare center

The parents

The vet

all work together logically ,professionally and with a transparent attitude,  any issue can be solved.

While running a dog boarding, if I promise the parents- nothing will happen while your furry member is with us. That will be very much an unrealistic promise. But what I promise to our parents- if something unusual happens – you will be informed immediately with all details. If you are traveling, we will be doing exactly what you would do if you were here. We will be with you at every step if you are here. Romis Home Pets Nursery is extremely transparent in communicating with our parents in each and every matter. This service runs on mutual trust.

As a responsible dog mom,  I should check the following details while choosing a dog boarding / doggy daycare for my dog –  

1. Evaluating Incident Rates and Hygiene Standards: 

The dog school I am choosing for my pup , how often they have accidents/ incidents , sickness in the facility . If I find the number is pretty high , incidents are happening pretty often – that’s a red flag for me. This means the team is not experienced and the hygiene of the place is questionable. 

2. The dog school has 24/7 reputable vet support or not. 

3. How transparent and honest the dog boarding is while communicating with the parents. 

4. Clear Accountability and Collaborative Approach

I must be very clear about the accountability of my dog’s school. But at the same time my co- operation with the team is extremely important if something goes wrong.

Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety: From Boarding to Recovery

Mozzie, a cute doggy, broke its leg at the dog boarding facility. He was promptly taken to the doctor, received appropriate treatment, and is now doing well. He is resting at home and will return to dog school soon. We want to reassure all dog parents that accidents can happen anywhere. We always strive to prevent any mishaps. You can confidently send your pets to us. We have dedicated and experienced staffs here for surveillance at all times. If God forbid any mishap occurs, we are always here for you and will remain so.

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