Finding my School bus ?

Let me share a lovey story today with u all … ?♥️?

This is Jack. Our good student in High- school ?

His lovely gardener kept the garden door open by mistake ?… and he decided to have a free stroll outside.

‘ weather is nice man ‘ ….. he must have thought ?

Then he got confused – ‘ huh ? where is my home ? This one ? No … may be that corner ? Oh noo ….. oh there is one human jogging ? May be he can take me home ? ‘

Nothing worked. Jack got even more confused. And started getting scared slowly. And stressed and more lost.

Then suddenly- ‘ GOD . Thats my school bus ? and thats my school bus driver uncle. Oh I totally know him ….. let me run to him fast fast ‘

And he hopped in the school bus ♥️.

When the driver uncle called our office and informed, we started posting his pictures in JVT groups ( thats where he lives and was found). Bcos he was not wearing any collar by mistake . We were trying to contact Jack ‘s dad at the same time to make it sure if he is Jack or Jack is home and he is same looking some other fellow.
In between Jack ‘s dad already super stressed and scared , called- he saw our post and confirmed he is Jack. Jack today right now spending time with his friends ????in school… will go home in the evening.

But bottom line of this story –

Luck may not be generous like this every time .


1. Garden doors , if possible – must be auto closed
2. Collar with name and phone number tags 24/7.

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