Can my dog loose weight?

Yes, the dog can lose weight during long boarding.

Because of stress, the dog may eat less or skip meal
Because of higher activity, if the dog does eat more than usual.

To address this issue- We always advise the parents to bring the dog to daycare / boarding a couple of times before the actual long-boarding . When the dog becomes familiar with the atmosphere, people, other dogs and routine…. Specifically after coming for a couple of times , the dog understands- he is going to go back to his family. After they develop this trust- normally the issue of losing weight gets addressed.

Secondly- we have a process of – weekly weight update for every dog that stays more than 1 week.
We take the weight at the time of check in. Then every week, the parents get updates on weight and feeding charts. If we find the dog is losing weight- we discuss with the parents on what measures can be taken – like adding wet/ canned food or boiled meat to address the issue.

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