Dily my Girl from Mom Lauella

My doggie Dilly, has evolved from a dog unsure of humans and their intentions, into a dog who loves every minute of her life! She lives with a couch brother Tsouki and 5 cats!
I hear a lot saying it is hard to teach an older dog new tricks, and dogs with a rescue past take time to adjust. This little post is to prove much wrong, and to share a learning that could benefit a lot of pet parents. Dilly has been going to Romis for just over a year now. I remember those early days when she had to get into the car it was almost hard work, she would shake and cower. When she went in those few early months, I won’t say days, she continued to sit in the corner. Slowly, she realized this was a place she could take those first steps to being a little bit happy and naughty and no one was going to shout or hurt her. We watched her get her doggy mojo back, it was nice to see her settling in. But when she would come back home there was still a doggy that was aloof and not very trusting.
Earlier on when Dilly decided I was good enough and could spend her life with, we went for a full check up and I was told by a vet we need to visit her hips if you find her slowing down. That was the day I knew she had to get into a pool, that blessing fell into our laps, Romis’ opened their pool! That was simply the most exciting news I ever got!! From past experience I know that swimming for a dog is a very precious gift, it keeps your vet bills down! But that was not just it, when Dilly stepped into the water everything changed, from that very first moment of Allan guiding her gently.. there was a sparkle I saw in her eyes for the very first time. Today, she is in the front of the pack at daycare, kinda doesn’t work at home 🙂 , jumping and running and chasing and just being a happy dog, many people don’t want their dogs being naughty, but for me Dilly being naughty is actually cute! so one can imagine how quiet she was. When she’s in the water that’s a whole new Dilly! No coaxing, no ball needed, just jump in and swim and love it. The biggest boon was the the psychological change I have seen in Dilly, I cannot really explain how miraculously she has changed. Today I see her confidence, going to daycare in the doggy bus, playing well and hard! alert at home I can assure you no burglars are going to get away and she is able to show her love and appreciation and oh yes! learning new tricks! She is 4, but that is just a number, she is swift and alert.. and she knows how to express being excited and happy and also sulk! That is the effect i saw with just putting her into the pool nothing else! No trainer, nothing. I am so grateful to Romi and her team, when I send both my dogs there its like an extension of home I don’t worry but most important of all both Dilly and Tsouki have turned out so well with the interactive environment afforded to them and not to forget the attention lavished on every doggie that goes to Romis. Thank you

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