Dealing with New Norm

Life is crazy at this moment ?. and no doubt that we all are struggling to adjust with the new normal .
Job losses , salary cut , social distancing , e-learning , zoom meeting , travel ban and what not
But what about our furry friends ..? ??what about them… ????
They are in BIG trouble . Believe it or not. In nature Dogs actually do not need to learn how to deal with separation anxiety . Because neither the dog leaves the pack , nor the pack leaves the dog. But in last 100 of years they got integrated in human social life??? And we taught them how to stay away from the pack for some time and still not get stressed.

These guys are actually much more sensitive than we think they are. They are constantly dealing with our stress , absorbing our energy .
At some point of lockdown they could not even go out for a walk for days . Their moms & dads were working from home . So in some cases they have become our stress buster , our comfort . They were constantly with the human members for days and months….. AND THEN ?

Then things have started opening up . Moms and Dads again need to stay out for long ours .. what about dogs now..? This furry four legged.. ?
They are totally clueless .. they are extremely stressed & anxious ???
Some are now scared to walk outside .
some have become very “leash reactive “.
some are chewing the whole house down while being alone . some are barking at top of their voice while being along
Even peeing inside due to stress
.. should we blame them.. ?
Obviously NO .
Its a lessen for us as well and lets learn from it
Lets not be selfish and turn them into our comfort zone stress reliever . Even when we are working from home let them have their own time .. they must learn to stay away from us in their crate or on their bed or in their “me” space .. there “me “ time away from us
If possible pls send them to their regular routine daycare. Dogs love routine. Let’s try to keep up their routine as close as their original one . Even if a dog staying in a villa and having a garden they would 100% need walk daily. Because of current weather it should be either early morning or late evening .
Mental stimulation is very important . Easy & simple training tricks or hide & seek will keep their mind relaxed.
If your pup is refusing to walk outside or refusing collar, leash…….introduce them with loads of positive enforcement . Celebrate with encouragement when they are doing what you want them to do ..
Let us take thing easy .. the more relaxed we are , our dogs are more balanced . What we all human are going through is not a normal situation .. none of us were ready for this but NOW we KNOW.
We are much more informed .. So lets not make the same mistakes again .. Let’s keep our furry kids properly exercised , mentally stimulated , socialized & most importantly let there be a routine of their “ME TIME “ ..
we all are into it together ?????????

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