Bones or No Bones

Sharing an experience

Chloe is now 6.5 yrs. and till 4/5 months of her age onwards She is having raw joint bones ( lamb , beef, mutton) twice a month. She always chews them under 100% supervision and she gets the big joint bones … which doesn’t get splits.

1st week of August she got her due bones at night around 9pm. She finished them all. Went to sleep happily. No issues whatsoever.

Next morning all normal.. she gets up , got small amount of breakfast around 7.30am. Went to Her school 8.30am like everyday.

11.30am she first puked fresh blood. Then within an hour – 5 times vomiting. 3 times large amount of blood – fresh & red.
By 12pm she reached vet and got primary check up and got admitted.

With x-ray it showed small pcs of bones in her stomach, her inner lining of the stomach was very much inflamed and most probably as she wanted to vomit hard – her Spleen moved. Doctor was concerned bcos , sometimes if the Spleen moves , it can move with the stomach and it turns the stomach and then the dog will have a Bloat. Which can be even fetal if not addressed in time.
Long story short … Chloe was on drip , anti vomiting injection , then tablets, anti inflammatory medication, on special food.

Next day X-ray showed, she digested all the bones pcs. And getting better.

After 2 nights staying in vet , she came back. She is good now ♥️.

The reason we wanted to share the incident-

1. Dogs r eating bones for thousands of years. But still this freaky scary dangerous thing happens to them.
So … We are not sure if we should give them bones ( cooked bones r always a big No …. but Raw bones even ?)

2. If a dog vomits multiple times ( blood or no blood ) …. we should be watchful for signs like – trying to vomit. But nothing coming out
– tummy is tight
– panting hard
– keep on moving and licking constantly

Bcos these r symptoms of Bloat

We all love our furry four legged fellows more than ourselves ♥️… they r super precious. But as they cant speak and tell us ……..what going on , where the problem is….. there comes the importance of knowledge and education. If we know certain symptoms …. may be we can save many disaster.

We will try to reach some wonderful vets in Dubai. We have couple of excellent vet parents, whose pups come to our Nursery. We will try to arrange a live fb session. Where we can discuss on different common subjects. Like –
Skin issues
Importance of deworming
Common infections
What we can give them to eat , chew … what we should not
Weight management
Ticks & fleas treatment
Topics like these.
We will keep u guys posted . So that u can participate from your home and can discuss your concerns.

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