We are all Family

Romi’s Home Pet Nursery- is a doggy Kennel…. oh no no nooooo plzzzz .
We have a mental block with the word ‘ kennel’ ?. Does it sound ‘ cruel ‘ ??? We dont know ?… but it feels like ☹️.
We feel better with the word ‘ doggy-care ‘?
What do u guys say ?
Doggy care – where we care about our dogs . Their mental , physical,emotional need. They r with us when the parents r traveling, they r with us when the parents r working long hrs. They r with us when they r bored at home and show their sad face and puppy eyes to their parents. They r with us whenever they need , whenever they want ???
Do u wanna know how the life is here ?
With us they r never locked or separated alone ( if not instructed by the parents ) . They r always supervised by their human uncles. They sleep together, they play together, they sinff each others butt together ?.
Dogs r very disciplined animals. They love routine in their life. And once the routine of the house is set ….. they follow it happily.
We have here our routine of the house.
Their feeding time
Play hr
Nap time
Sleeping time
And u guys will be amazed to see how beautifully these four legged fellows ?? follow the routine. They eat in time , sleep in time , play in time , take nap in time. They r simply lovely ♥️♥️♥️
We r entering our 5th summer this year. And today we were going through our memory line ….. we have parents, who r with us from the first day. They have helped us to grow from a seed . Without their guidance,without their support….there would never been a doggy care named – ‘ Romi’s Home Pet Nursery ‘. The name was even given by our moms & dads ?.
Journey from the very beginning.. was amazing. We did many mistakes, learned from them …. but never tried to hide anything under the carpet ??. Countless happiness, some moments of stress. But GOD always was extremely generous to us ??????. And we r immensely grateful for that.

This summer is not like other year’s summer obviously. The whole world is trying to adjust herself with the ‘ new- Normal’ now. But God’s blessings and all our two legged and four legged family member’s with us …. we will sail through ?. We r and will be here for each other as always ??????

Cheers guys. Happy Summer to all ♥️♥️♥️

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