Why Your Dogs Social Skills Matter at Doggy Daycare

Ensuring your dog’s social skills are up to par is crucial, as happy-go-lucky pups may lack the necessary social finesse. As we welcome all furry friends into our dog boarding/doggy daycare, it’s essential for parents to understand why their pet’s social abilities matter.

It’s a pretty common scenario in Dubai when we have dog parents coming to us saying-  He or she is extremely friendly. 

Then we go through the assessment process, and we find out that the dog is extremely friendly,  but its social skills have not been developed well. And for these dogs – the chances of getting bitten by other dogs are pretty high.

Let me explain the difference between a friendly dog and a dog who has good social skills. 

Dogs with social skills know-

1. Canine Introductions : 

How to approach a new dog or a pack. They always assess before approaching a new dog or pack- giving enough time to make the other party understand that he/ she doesn’t mean any threat.

2. Respecting Canine Boundaries: 

They respect other dogs’ space. If a dog for any reason doesn’t want to be disturbed- they will keep the distance from them. 

If a dog is vulnerable for any reason- can’t see / or pregnant/ or physically challenged…. These dogs will never approach them suddenly

3. Gentle Approach to Nervous Dogs: 

 If a dog is nervous, scared for whatever reason-,these dogs will keep a distance and never approach them unannounced . Approaching these nervous dogs many times causes fear bites.

On the other hand – when we have friendly happy dogs – we remain extremely careful with them to start with in our boarding/ daycare. They don’t know how to respect other dogs’ boundaries and space. And the possibility of these dogs getting bitten is pretty high.

Why is it necessary to send my dog to Dog School?

There are a few important reasons why we need to send our dogs to dog school:  

  • When they go to school- they stay away from their parents/ family, which is totally a different equation in a dog’s life.
  • In a neutral ground like dog boarding/ doggy daycare, the pack teaches them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a pack. 
  • How to be respectful towards other dogs and how to respect other dog’s boundaries. We humans can never teach them these skills. 

The more they develop their social skills, the more confident they become. Chances of getting bitten, getting into fights, scare biting/ snapping….. you will not see in a socially matured dog. 

When dogs are born in nature- they grow up in a pack structure and older dogs teach the pups these skills in natural process. But for domestic dogs – they are living with us and we want them to behave the way we need them to behave in our societal structure. In this situation developing their social skills is extremely important.

Why is Dog Walking Important? 

  • Taking our dogs to regular walks  – is mandatory to develop the relationship/bonding with our dogs. 
  • Sending them to dog school- stimulates their body & mind so well, that we – dog parents end up having a very well behaved dog. 
  • Relaxed dogs are the best behaved dogs.  The training even works best on a relaxed mind.

Whenever we talk about this – it may sound like we are promoting dog school concepts to promote our dog boarding service. But it’s more than 8 years now that we are into this. We have faith and trust from our parents who will understand- we want to develop a community where we dog parents will be more aware, we will have more well-behaved, happy, confident dogs with well-developed social skills also. Everything for us – is not only about Romis Home Pets Nursery , but it’s about developing a healthy dog community with the right understanding about our dog’s needs, attitude, and mental & physical health.

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