Why Socialization is important for our Dogs.

The animal whom we know as “Dog” is a descendent from an ancient now extinct wolf population.


Genetical research says domestication of dogs started almost 33,000 years ago.
So basically, we and our furry companions are together sharing common space and life for so long that they have evolved with us,


but if you go in their genes, you will still find their ancestors sitting there happily and very prominently.
I hope you haven’t already lost your patience thinking Romi what’s going on? Hope it’s not a history class,


no it’s not a history class but to understand recent need for socialization in our dog’s life we must understand their origin.
Dogs are not social animals. they are pack animal, we have parents coming to us who have adopted their dog from a shelter where he/she used to stay either with 30+


Dogs, the parents’ natural expectations is the dog must be friendly with other dogs but here comes the misunderstanding those 30+ dogs were his pack.
In India we have street dogs leaving in packs in their own space, no pack goes to say hi to another pack in another location,


they follow the boundaries very respectfully.

here in our life we expect we will take our dogs suddenly to a dog park or a doggy care or to our relatives house who has a dog and the dog will start playing happily..


It doesn’t work that way. Here comes the importance of socialization, Regular socialization trains the dogs mind to challenge his/her comfort zone and become more confident. His mind starts processing the information that not every unknown dog is a threat and there’s no need for him or her to protect their space.
From our records of almost 7 years in the Pet field we can say 95% sickness, infections or accidents happen with the dogs who are first timer in school.


Putting a dog suddenly in a new environment is extremely stressful for them & because of this stress their immune system grows weaker ,

they loose appetite and hence weight and during this period they can get eye ,ear ,gum ,skin , stomach infections very easily .
Socialization can start as early as 4 months of age once all vaccinations are properly done.


The older the dog , the longer it takes but it’s totally doable ,we just need to start slowly first couple of hours for some days until the dog is fully comfortable to spend the whole day.

The routine of coming to daycare and after spending time going back home will gradually take away the stress of staying away from home and family , it doesn’t take much effort but once or twice every week to daycare has so much benefit and I am saying this as a dog owner and not a business owner who runs a daycare.
Regular Socialization:

1. Enforces Confidence.


2. Reduces separation anxiety.


3. Develops social skills on how to interact with unknown dogs.


4. Becomes comfortable with the people, dog, routine of doggy care


So, when parents are travelling it becomes so easy for them to stay and spend days, weeks and sometimes months.

5. Regular playing, running, chasing ball, sharing toys or water bowls cools their brain and leaves them ready to sleep, relax and rest.


6. Regular playing teaches them how to play properly , how much is “too much” and how to protect themselves while playing. We have dogs whose parents started daycare 5-6 months prior to their travel date and the stay of the dogs went super smooth, no weight loss, no accidents, no sickness
We first need to find out the right doggy care for our dogs, some dogs will prefer smaller places, some are happy while running in a big area, some are fine alone in a room, some constantly need humans around them.

Let’s us find a suitable daycare for our dogs, let’s start their daily school slowly so our dogs are comfortable and happy, all the stress and worry gone from both the Dogs and the Parents (us) and from the Doggy care as well, checkout happy videos of Dogs at our daycare : and you can check our FAQ page to see more question other parents might have.



Happy school Day in advance.



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