It’s not about numbers

Its more or less five years running now. The more time goes … more we are realizing the difference between any other business and a ‘ doggy care facility’.

As a doggy care – we can offer many things , many flashy arrangements or extra benefits. Those are all great ??. But with us ..if a ‘ dog’ becomes a number or a name only …… there comes the disconnect.

If just for an example we are having 1500 regular customer and around 2000 dogs as our family member …………and if Chloe or Mojo or Gunner or Rusty or Tuesday or Ginger or Jermain or Naytiri or Nala or Bella or Charlie, or Ivy or Deede or Django or Popo …… becomes a number in the register and we start forgetting the very close details….. thats where we will start loosing our credibility. Bcos each ‘ Name ‘ is a very very special four legged member of a very special human family.
Each family has its own perspective, speciality , need. Each dog is special- someone is super fussy eater , someone is allergic to everything, someone doesn’t like to share the water bowl , someone has hip issue- so the exercise should be restricted, one particular dog has some issue with another particular dog …….. as a responsible doggy- Human family, we MUST remember….. all the details. And thats the focus ?

We do human mistakes off course. But one thing we can promise to our beautiful doggy parents ??and our furry members??
each one of u are very special to us.
If anytime any of u feel …. we are loosing our personal connection, our personal touch, plz let us know ????????. This is the most valued and important part to us.

Cleanliness, professional trained people, health , security, safety, happiness….. these are very important. But if you ever feel that the heart ‘ ?’ part is getting missing, plz let us know ????????…. we will need to re- think everything again then.
We have grown to a small tiny plant from a seed bcos of the guidance of our doggy parents . We r immensely grateful to u all and to God ????????. Plz guide us as always and be with us as always .
Bless us all ♥️♥️♥️

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